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Summer camp is here for Gauteng school kids!
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Summer camp is here for Gauteng school kids!

When it comes to Summer Camp, us South Africans immediately think of American movies, where bus loads of pale kids pour out, overloaded with sleeping bags and totes, to experience some or other amazing adventure as they experience a taste of independence. Well, aside from the difference in duration (summer camp in the USA can be seven weeks long), and the twangy accent, that is exactly what school kids in Gauteng are about to experience.

Sherpa Kids Bush Camp is the summer camp we’ve always imagined and wished for; all the incredible benefits of sleepaway camp, jam-packed with interactive activities like archery, game trails, sleeping under the stars, and orienteering, facilitated by caring, creative Sherpa Kids camp facilitators to guide the kids. It even has a big yellow school bus, thanks to the Cool Kids’ Cabs  that handles the short two hour drive from Johannesburg to luscious Limpopo. That’s right; no expensive plane ticket, no four or five hour schlepp, just a fun, sing-song bus ride, where the camp experience starts the moment they set foot on the bus.

The big difference? Instead of seven weeks away, Bush Camp crams all of its goodness into three to four day camps. That’s enough time for kids to develop the skills and confidence they need, while keeping busy during school holidays, and for parents to take a refreshing break, or carry on at work stress-free.

Here’s what we love about Gauteng’s very own Summer Camp:

  • Summer camp weans kids off of tech: There are very little times that kids are tech-free. Camp really dials back tech exposure. And even though there might be an initial groan when ‘no phones’ is announced, the truth is, the kids don’t even miss it.
  • Summer camp brings kids back to nature: At camp, kids get to be kids again: dirty feet, big smiles.
  • Summer camp fosters greater independence: Everyone wants independent kids, but we tend to hover over our kids at ever instance. But kids need to learn how to solve problems on their own. Studies show that sleepaway camp really does develop independence, confidence, resilience, and inner grit!
  • Camp breaks up the monotony of summer holidays: Kids need to have lazy holidays, the lay-about-the-house, wake-up-with-nothing-to-do, go-to-the-pool holidays that all kids crave during the school term. But balance is needed. An almost working-week of Bush Camp, combined with three weeks of December holidays? Now that’s a well rounded summer holiday. Plus, there’s a lot less parent guilt when kids end up watching hours of TV when they know they had a lot of outdoor time during camp.
  • Camp allows kids and parents to appreciate each other: When kids come home after a few days away, there is a lot more appreciation both sides of the fence. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Want to send your kid on Summer Camp? Check availability on the upcoming Bush Camps!