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Sherpa Kids | Before School Care

Whether you are an early starter or need to travel a distance to work, Sherpa Kids is able to provide Before School Care for your child. This may start as early as 6.30am and involve breakfast and free play time for your child in a warm, caring environment…

Sherpa Kids | After School Care

Whether your child needs caring for until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, or if they need caring for five days a week or just one day, then Sherpa Kids After School Care can help! Children have so much fun at Sherpa Kids that they often don’t want to leave…

Sherpa Kids | Holiday Care

Our team deliver a “fresh and vibrant approach” to Holiday Care that “gives children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”  Each day we offer PLAYDUCATION™, an exciting array of planned activities to engage, stimulate and entertain!


Sherpa Kids | Location Near You

We can help you manage your children with our exciting aftercare programmes, select the link below to find one nearest to you.


Sherpa Kids South Africa | Holiday Care

Sherpa Kids Bush Camp, about two hours from Johannesburg, in the beautiful Waterberg region of Limpopo, is where campers experience a safe, fun, magical environment where they can create happy memories, develop skills and interests, experience personal growth, build friendships, and grow in confidence.


Many working parents in South Africa are desperate to find good quality childcare which represents real value and not simply glorified baby-sitting. Sherpa Kids, an International Out-of-School Hours Provider that  is locally owned and operated offers services in Before School Care, After School care, Holiday Care.

Sherpa Kids, which now operates globally, has been in South Africa since 2014. It educates and entertains children with a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, music and drama, sports and games as well as fun food and experiments. Our activities are based on specific weekly themes and they are tailored to fit in with the individual requirements of schools and their ethos.


How is lockdown impacting parents and children?

Lockdown, impacting parents and children especially women and single mothers? It’s been tough and challenging times for parents, single mothers and traditional stay at home mothers who have been forced to home school their children without proper training or experience. This has been challenging for many parents who have had to juggle working from home and home schooling. Where before there was an outdoor environment, now we have had to go online and stay indoors. Sherpa Kids has had to look at how we can change child care models to fit the new ‘normal.’ As well as look at how Sherpa Kids are going to support these families. Previously parents got some down time and time to unwind while driving to work, going to lunch, having tea breaks, chatting with their colleagues and their days generally ended at 5pm. Now they have had to take care of their children 24/7 as well as running their own business, meeting deadlines or keeping up with the demands from their employers. Many parents we found are trying to keep all these balls in the air and are suffering from zoom fatigue. We have had to take a hard look at how we can support these families. It’s all new territory for us. It’s a case of not the struggle but the juggle. Many parents have now chosen to continue with home schooling. Some children have returned to school and some only attend school on alternate days. So it’s a case of how can we juggle this and what opportunities are there for businesses who, in the past, operated outdoors and engaged in tactile games? People are generally spending more time working and having back to back meetings. What kind of example is this setting for our children that we have to work 24/7 in order to be successful. Most of it is based on fear. Fear of losing your job if you don’t put in the extra hours. Working more and longer hours, not because you want to but because you have to so as not lose your job. This is where a franchise opportunity can be a life saver because you can be your own boss and not have the sword of Damocles hanging over your head if you don’t conform and become a slave to the system. Today we have what we call hybrid schooling. This is where children are doing a blend of classroom and online learning. Home schooling has become very popular now. We are working with parent focus groups so that we can get a better understanding of what the needs are of both parents and children. What we have found is that now children are choosing their preferred extra mural activities. Unlike in the past where they were forced to turn up for a sport they had no interest in. This is making them more independent and self determined. It’s no longer the old factory style model of schooling where one size fits all model. Businesses have had to adapt and change what they have been offering because the client base has changed to where the child has now become the client. So we have to innovate and offer what our clients need. Education and medicine are the two sectors that are going to be the most affected by changes in technology. This pandemic is allowing education to be radically changed. Everyone involved in education now needs to sit back and think about the changes. What was done before is changing. This world is being turned upside down. However, sadly, a large proportion of the population have no idea what’s going on. Now you’re looking at how robotics will become the future and people need to start looking at how they can reposition themselves. We cannot continue to do what we have been doing for the past 10 years or more. Everything we knew and did is radically changing. Most parents have very limited expectations when they think of after care. Most think that it is simply a babysitting service where the children are helped with their homework, are being fed and are safe and secure. However, what we do is to engage with children through skills and talent enhancements. Many schools are now moving away from the old passe style of homework into a more project style environment so that children can develop every day skills and develop a worldview around them. It is no more just a case of repeating what what they have been told in the classroom. How has the industry responded to EDS’s, Early Development Centres, and what challenges have they had?EDC’s are what we have traditionally called nursery schools, creches or baby centres. These institutions have been very hard hit during this time. They have not been supported by government in the same way as schools and universities. They have been left to fend for themselves without any help or finding. EDC’s are predominately small businesses, run by women out in the townships and rural areas. As more people work from home, lose their jobs, or fear of losing their income, they are not sending their children to these centres anymore. This has put an enormous strain on this industry and it has taken a private court case to force the much needed government funding. Research has shown that the most important development years for children are from birth to the age of 7. These critical years determine your behavioural patterns and your character. This is why this is such an important sector but because there are no large corporations in this space, they do not have the power to lobby government for funding. Most of these EDC’s are operating at less than 10% of their capacity. No small business can survive on this. It is sad that many people don’t realise the knock on effect that this has on a small business, where people are having to use less of these services. Who is best suited to owning a […]

Summer camp is here for Gauteng school kids!

When it comes to Summer Camp, us South Africans immediately think of American movies, where bus loads of pale kids pour out, overloaded with sleeping bags and totes, to experience some or other amazing adventure as they experience a taste of independence. Well, aside from the difference in duration (summer camp in the USA can be seven weeks long), and the twangy accent, that is exactly what school kids in Gauteng are about to experience.

12 Incredible benefits of sending your child away on camp

Camps are fun. Camps during school holidays are even more fun! But why are they important? Is there more to them than just silly games and crazy songs? Way more. In a world gone tech crazy, sometimes the great outdoors is just that: great.

The great value of a sleep-away camp for you and your child

Sending kids to sleepaway camp is a pretty big deal; it’s emotional for the parents and the kids. Then there’s the challenge of figuring out if the camp is the right fit for your child. And lastly, there’s the issue of cost, which can add up if the sleep-away camp you have in mind is more than a straightforward bus trip away!

Sherpa Kids at the International Franchise & Entrepreneurship Expo

We were excited to join the Franchise Association of South Africa’s expo in Durban this March. Genevieve Allen, our MD, met some fantastic people and we look forward to growing our Franchisee Network in KZN.

Sherpa Kids International Masters and South African Franchisee Conference

November has been an exciting month. Two franchisee conferences done and dusted! The first, 5 countries, 5 Franchise Masters and loads of feedback, insights and fun.


Why do people love us?

The teachers are all hands-on and make sure the safety of kids is a priority in their presence. They really are also helpful in assisting learners with homework daily. The staff has natural parental love. Sherpa SA – preferably at Lebone II College, rocks!! BIG UP TO THEM.

Itumeleng Diale

Excellent admin; children well provided for; exciting themes that engage children’s interest.

Barbara Burns

“Amanda thoroughly enjoyed the Fairways holiday school. She had such a ball!  Thanks to everyone  🙂”

Nicoletta Maraschin

Thoughtful provision for the children, conscientious care – well organised and properly supported by head office.

Mandy Mitchley

“As a full time working mom and dad with no close family, Sherpa Kids at PCS has been a life saver. Connor loves attending the holiday club. It is a perfect balance of structured activity, free play and relaxation for the kids. The staff are caring and we have the peace of mind of knowing our precious child is well taken care of, while we work.”

Anisha de Meyer