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Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) in South Africa is typically offered as an in-house on-site school provided service in response to demands from working parents or by outsourced off site providers, usually neighbourhood nursery schools.

Neither of these solutions provides a service that is focused specifically on professional aftercare and holiday care developed using International Best Practice guidelines geared towards primary school aged children. The end result for parents and schools are relatively poor standards when reviewing number and type of staff employed, their training and management, on-site policies and as importantly  the actual programmes offered . Many service providers/ school staff offering aftercare and holiday care an add on to their (already onerous) teaching commitments.

Sherpa Kids International through Sherpa Kids South Africa is seeking to remedy this situation by providing affordable before and after school care across South Africa, owned and operated by you – the local who knows the community.

We have the collective knowledge that comes with a large, internationally diverse and experienced Out of Hours School Care provider yet retain a personal touch by employing local, community minded individuals. Since 1996, our impressive history has been underpinned by a high level of knowledge, integrity and expertise that professionalises our brand, our systems and most importantly, our people. Sherpa Kids has an infective energy that is predicated on a genuine passion for delivering, via collaboration, a quality, structured and safe service that is more than affordable.

We create and deliver customised services via a fun, structured and engaging programme. This will challenge all to reach higher aspirations and we partner closely with the school community to achieve this. Our model will allow you to have a demographic of over 3500 enrolled students which could translate to around 8 -10 schools.

We hope the information on this page helps you make an informed decision that could be a life changing experience.

Genevieve Allen

Managing Director, Sherpa Kids South Africa.

Sherpa Kids SA | Genevieve Allen

Sherpa Kids South Africa | Genevieve Allen | Managing Director

Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun
Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun
Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun
Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun

The facts about the childcare market

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    There is a market demand nationally
  • +
    Massive growth industry for South Africa
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    You have the potential to become a multi-unit franchisee
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    Grow your programme in a number of schools - we are not looking for you to operate in one school but several
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    Extremely strong successful track record 1996. Sherpa Kids was launched into Australia, Ireland, Singapore and the UK. Launched in South Africa in 2014 and already operated over 50 locations with 25 franchisees nationally.

The benefits of joining Sherpa Kids South Africa

Your role is to recruit and manage your staff, develop the relationship with the school community and grow the business as the demand of your services increases with enrollments. We see our business as a management franchise that provides services to the childcare industry.

A Sherpa Kids franchise has a low cost entry. There are no expensive and high long term retail rents – in some cases no lease fees paid at all. The business has a proven model and provides a solid return on investment. Lastly, it is recession proof.
Operational Onsite
We have designed highly structured programmes ready for your engagement that meet and exceed national guidelines. Each day there are set programmes for before school care, after school care and holiday programmes. You work within the local community as you work within school grounds – operating onsite at the school provides familiarity for parents and children.
Business Operations
Business mentoring is provided from head office when and where its needed. We will assist you with you business planning and there is a suite of operations available online 24/7 including: HR, Marketing, Administration, Business Operations, Finance, Onsite Policies and Procedures.
We will assist you to transition smoothly from your current role into your new Sherpa Kids business, and we run and encourage you to be involved in local and international Professional Development events.
You won't be doing this alone, you will be supported by a highly skilled and trained franchise team. We offer ongoing business support and opportunities to up-skill and build a strong, financially secure business. Our team assist you to develop your marketing plan and we build a strong networking base with other business owners.
We operate online platforms for business administration and use on a day-to-day basis specialist childcare management software.


From our franchisees!

Rachael Makoni | Franchisee

What have been some of your highlights as a Sherpa Kids franchisee?

  • Running a well-structured franchise. 
  • The support in terms of training, branding and quality service visits are a benchmark and getting a good report gives a sense of achievement.
  • Flexible working hours and flexible to do other things. 

What makes Sherpa Kids different to the other after-school and holiday care programmes out there?

We are more than just an Aftercare or Holiday Care – we are value adders and we contribute to the children academically as well as contribute to their growth of social skills, confidence etc. through our activities.  We are a five-star hotel 😊

What gives you the greatest joy in your role?

  • A child’s smile and a hug.
  • A parent thumbs up.
  • Sense of achievement when you see parent’s trust in you and their children’s trust. 
  • In terms of staff, when they implement trained material and you feel they have grown and you have added value. 

Please let me know about some of the personality traits and skills that you think make an ideal Sherpa Kids franchisee?

  • Important to love working with children
  • Customer service focused as you will be dealing with parents, schools and children. 
  • Financial knowledge and planning skills.

What are your top three pieces of advice for anyone wanting to open a franchise? 

  • Get to know the business first before handing it over to a manager.
  • It is not easy, it’s hard work and you have to be vigilant. 
  • It has to be your passion or in something you love doing.

Elisha Chetty | Franchisee

What are your top three pieces of advice for anyone wanting to open a franchise?

  • Research the company well and if possible, speak to other franchisees.
  • Does your personality fit the role, working with children and parents? Are you a people-person or prefer behind the scene kind of role? This is a mix of both.
  • Don’t expect success overnight. It’s takes a lot of time, building and sacrifices.

Mart-Marie van Rooyen | Franchisee

Please let me know about some of the personality traits and skills that you think make an ideal Sherpa Kids franchisee?

  • Hard working and organized
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Think outside the box
  • Be able to lead your team – not only give instructions, but roll up the sleeves and work with them
  • Be able to work with parents and the school

Are you ready to make a difference in your local communities. Contact the team @ Sherpa Kids to find out more!

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