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The great value of a sleep-away camp for you and your child
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The great value of a sleep-away camp for you and your child

Sending kids to sleepaway camp is a pretty big deal; it’s emotional for the parents and the kids. Then there’s the challenge of figuring out if the camp is the right fit for your child. And lastly, there’s the issue of cost, which can add up if the sleep-away camp you have in mind is more than a straightforward bus trip away!

Not sure about the need for a sleep away camp? How much of this sounds familiar?

  • I work.
  • My spouse works.
  • My kid needs nature.
  • We live in a city.
  • There are no woods to explore, and no nearby grassy fields to lie in and stare up at the night sky.
  • I need a bit of a break.
  • I need a solution to the end-of-the-school-year chaos.
  • If I hear ‘mom, I’m bored’ just one more time…!

Holiday camps are not only good for kids, but for parents as well. Here’s why.

Once kids leave for camp, the house is quieter, the daily schedule is more relaxed, and parents can spend much-needed quality one-on-one time with younger children, or their spouse.

The time apart from kids is rejuvenating and allows parents to be a better version of themselves when their kids come back.

It also helps parents and kids appreciate each other a bit more, as opposed to when there is constant school and schedule pressure.

The slower pace also does wonders for relationships, where spouses and / or friends can reacquaint themselves with the ancient art of uninterrupted conversation, or simply revel in the relative peace and quiet of an emptier house.

So, yes, the benefits of sleepaway camp during school holidays is apparent, and there’s great value in giving your child an experience that’s all their own.

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