Sherpa Kids International Masters and South African Franchisee Conference

23rd November, 2018 Uncategorised

November has been an exciting month.  Two franchisee conferences done and dusted! The first, 5 countries, 5 Franchise Masters and loads of feedback, insights and fun. This was followed by our South African 2nd Annual Conference where 30 very excited individuals enjoyed a much needed get together with fantastic speakers which included Dr Melodie de Jager,  founder of Mind Moves, Mike Said Erika Botha

Sherpa Kids International Master Franchisors engaging with our fabulous team at Emmarentia Primary

Our colleagues from Canada and the Sherpa Kids South Africa team at Lebone College in Rustenburg

Tammie Hammond from Sherpa Kids Western Cape finishing off her puppet during our puppet making workshop


Thank you Feedem for joining us

Thank you to Playball for attending.

Teambuilding fun at the conference. #reachengagechallenge

Thanks Erika Botha. We learned allot about leading and empowering high performance teams.