Before School Care, Aftercare and Holiday Care

Sherpa Kids focuses on Out-of-School Hours care  services – Before School, After School and Holiday Care

Before  School Care

Whether you are an early starter, on shift work or need to beat the city traffic, Sherpa Kids can provide Before School Care for your child. This may start as early as 6.00 am and involves breakfast and free play time for your child.


Whether your child needs caring for until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, or if they need caring for five days a week or just one day, then Sherpa Kids can help! Children have so much fun at Sherpa Kids that they often don’t want to leave.

We provide them with a snack, supervise their homework, let them play, and engage them with fun, themed and stimulating activities. You can rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a fabulous time.

Holiday Care

There is a huge mismatch between the amount of holidays our children receive and the number of days we can take off work. Wherever possible Sherpa Kids will try to provide holiday programmes in schools based on the same parameters as our before school care and after school care. Safe, Stimulating, Fun, and engaging. We offer full days from 7am to 6pm including lunch and snacks.

Your local Sherpa Kids service will be able to provide you with the details of upcoming holiday programmes.
We run throughout the full year until late December and early January!


Time is allocated for each child to complete homework activities. This is a particularly important time as it allows children to focus on tasks in a supervised environment. If a child has no homework or finishes prior to the time allowed, they will be able to choose other suitable activities which have an education focus.

Our staff are not able to enforce children to complete homework. They are also not teaching staff and are not expected to understand or interpret the school curriculum. However staff will provide support to children in order for them to complete homework tasks and to encourage each child to have a positive attitude towards school and homework

If there are any issues regarding homework or your child has specific needs please make sure the Centre Manager is aware of this and the information is included on the Enrolment form.

Meals & Snacks

Lunch and snacks are  provided in our After School Care and Holiday Care programmes and is included in the fee structure. A variety of healthy food choices will be on offer as well as fresh fruit and water. The menu will be displayed each week and we welcome suggestions from children and parents.

If your child has any allergies or any special food requirements or you do not want your child to participate please include this on the Enrolment Form and advise the Centre Manager who will discuss this with you. At times we may have children with specific food allergies or needs attend our centre thus we will notify all families of the foods that will not be able to be used or provided to children.

Innings and Outings

We believe innings and outings offer variety and are an important part of a child’s learning experience. Parents and guardians will be notified of all details prior any planned excursions and for children to be able to leave the Sherpa Kids service site, parents/guardians must sign an additional indemnity form  in order for their children to be allowed to attend. A risk assessment will be compiled for each excursion and this will also help in determining the staff ratio for the activity. Innings include onsite visitors such as magicians, face-painters, mobile animal zoos etc


Our Sherpa Kids newsletter will be emailed to our families and community so up to date information about our staff, policies, fees, upcoming programme activities and special events is communicated. We also will reflect on the fun that we have had in our programme and share any ideas and community information that you may find useful. We also have notice boards and display areas which also contain information you will find useful such as staff & programme information, the weekly menu and examples of children’s activities.