General overview and philosophy

We provide a safe and secure environment for the quality care of school aged children through a structured well balanced programme. We achieve this by thinking ahead, anticipating what children might like to do to keep them safe and happy. We do this by providing planned activities, and supervised free play. We abide by eight values which represent all areas of our Out of School Care programmes in order to provide quality learning outcomes for happy children and also incorporate the school’s values and ethos into our programme.

We the following information gives you a greater understanding of the operations of our Sherpa Kids programmes and sessions of care.

Code of Conduct

Sherpa Kids is about providing a safe and caring environment for your children. We wish to encourage a similar attitude amongst the children. We do not condone any form of discrimination amongst the children or adults associated with the programme. Our code of conduct is designed to help us, as individuals, children and our staff team, make appropriate decisions about behaviour choices and to demonstrate the core values of integrity and respect, performance, professionalism and privacy. Any issues or information should be discussed in the first instance with the Centre Manager.

Privacy Policy

Sherpa Kids will collect, use, disclose and hold information in accordance with the The Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013