Sherpa Kids South Africa | Before & After School Care, Holiday Care

Parents & Families

We want all kids to feel AWESOME!

We believe in care solutions!

Care solutions for parents that children love being part of.

Care that does NOT need you to re-mortgage your house for, and you will not need to hire an au pair! Unlike an au pair who requires 1 year work experience, matric and a reference, our experience is based on our expertise and knowledge.

Not only do you save thousands of rands (Aftercare from R 1000 a month, Holiday care from R 200 a day) but there is so much more from adventure, to fun, new leanings and our Cool Kids’ Cabs collaboration.

Our local franchisee teams provide a safe and secure environment for the quality care of school aged children through a structured well balanced programme. They achieve this by thinking ahead, anticipating what children might like to do to keep them safe and happy each day. By providing planned activities and supervised free play, we provide quality learning outcomes for happy children that incorporate the local school communities values and ethos into our programmes.

Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun

Sherpa Kids South Africa | Namikka | Franchisee – St David’s Marist Inanda

When your children are at a Sherpa Kids programme, you can feel rest assured that all our Sherpa Kids staff have:

First Aid Qualifications

Proven Childcare Experience

Behavior Management Training

Childcare Training

Clear Criminal Records

Sherpa Kids SA | Franchisee Fun

Sherpa Kids South Africa | Alizia | Franchisee – Durbanville

mom entrepreneurs

Our franchise teams

Our franchise teams are made up of mom entrepreneurs who follow international best practice standards in all  our national Sherpa Kids centres, that are quality assured by head office –  unlike minders or au pairs at home who are normally job starts and do not work under direct supervision.

Our educators spend many houses to create our structured and stimulating programmes that allow for :

Daily themed activities
Safe & Secure
Homework supervision
Fun and play
Social interaction with peers

Your child’s time with us is stimulating and fun. Don’t just let them play @ home, which normally results in rushed homework and screen time!

Our Staff

When interacting with your children

When interacting with your children, our staff will:

  • establish a rapport with your children
  • encourage children to communicate, explore and be creative and spontaneous
  • allow children to make decisions, problem solve and express and share their thoughts and opinions
  • assist children in developing positive relationships with other children
  • use praise and reinforcement with children to boost self-esteem
  • encourage and motivate good practice
  • celebrate children’s efforts and achievements

Sherpa Kids programmes are developed to:

  • provide challenging and interesting age appropriate activities
  • engage and stimulate children’s physical, intellectual, social and creative abilities
  • plan for a range of daily indoor and outdoor
  • enable children to participate in quiet/active activities, as well as small group or individual activities
  • encourage children to feel part of the school and wider community
  • be evaluated regularly by children, parents and staff using a variety of assessments and strategies

Why choose Sherpa Kids?

  • +
    Kids love our engaging programmes, participating in adventurous, creative activities and good old-fashioned play
  • +
    We focus on children’s health and safety
  • +
    All staff have clear criminal checks
  • +
    A staff: learner ratio of 1:15 allows for loads of engagement
  • +
    We build positive relationships with the children and families
  • +
    We offer a professional service with our core focus on CARE
Sherpa Kids SA | Believe

Cool kids cab collaboration

Sherpa Kids also knows your time is valuable, and that the school run take years off your life. Our team have negotiated a significantly discounted pricing through our collaboration with Cool Kids’ Cabbies – we want to give you the BEST!

The safest scholar transport in south Africa. Changing the world, one seatbelt at a time”

Sherpa Kids SA | Cool Kids’ Cabbies
Sherpa Kids | Before School Care

Whether you are an early starter or need to travel a distance to work, Sherpa Kids is able to provide Before School Care for your child. This may start as early as 6.30am and involve breakfast and free play time for your child in a warm, caring environment…

Sherpa Kids | After School Care

Whether your child needs caring for until 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, or if they need caring for five days a week or just one day, then Sherpa Kids After School Care can help! Children have so much fun at Sherpa Kids that they often don’t want to leave…

Sherpa Kids | Holiday Care

Our team deliver a “fresh and vibrant approach” to Holiday Care that “gives children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”  Each day we offer PLAYDUCATION™, an exciting array of planned activities to engage, stimulate and entertain!


Why do people love us?

“As a full time working mom and dad with no close family, Sherpa Kids at PCS has been a life saver. Connor loves attending the holiday club. It is a perfect balance of structured activity, free play and relaxation for the kids. The staff are caring and we have the peace of mind of knowing our precious child is well taken care of, while we work.”

Anisha de Meyer

As a young start up team they are endeavouring to build a strong aftercare program. We find them to be professional and effective, providing well planned and engaging activities in the afternoons. Students go home excited and parents have peace of mind that their children are well taken care of and the bulk of their homework has been done. It is a pleasure to work along-side a service provider who is open to discussion, learning and has the Lebone community at heart.

Diane Roberts

Excellent admin; children well provided for; exciting themes that engage children’s interest.

Barbara Burns

“Amanda thoroughly enjoyed the Fairways holiday school. She had such a ball!  Thanks to everyone  🙂”

Nicoletta Maraschin

Thoughtful provision for the children, conscientious care – well organised and properly supported by head office.

Mandy Mitchley