Franchisees Testimonials

Having two children in primary school we heard a lot about the struggles parents have to endure especially when they are single parents or both working parents. We saw the Sherpa Kids opportunity to add value to parents lives by taking some of the stress associated with homework, activities at school and the guilt of leaving your child at an aftercare away by providing the best available service to parents. The systems and procedures that Sherpa Kids provides are the best available locally here in South Africa and internationally. Sherpa Kids is a sustainable platform for business while having a positive impact on the communities that we care for.”

Liza Yssel:  Regional Director Sherpa Kids North West Province

“From the very 1st day my Sherpa Kids journey has been amazing. I really enjoy seeing the pure joy the kids get when participating in our engaging activities. Something that always touches my heart is the lovely compliments we get from our parents. I would encourage any person that has a love for kids to seriously consider buying a franchise, you will not be disappointed.”

Debbie van Zyl:  Regional Director Sherpa Kids Joburg East

“After being blessed with the privilege of becoming a mother (twice), I wrestled for months with the desire of having the flexibility of being with my children daily and my drive to continue being a successful business woman. I stumbled across Sherpa Kids whilst doing some research on the pro’s and con’s of being a stay at home mom vs a working mom. After chatting extensively with Genevieve and some of the other franchisees, it became apparent that by joining this team of successful people and purchasing my own franchise, that I could live both my passions. What I love most about Sherpa Kids and what we offer is that we are making a difference in our communities and especially in the lives of the children we work with everyday. So here I am, happily part of the Sherpa Kids team, working hard and mom’ing hard and loving every minute of my new journey. ”

Janine Hammond: Regional Director Sherpa Kids Western Cape

“I have been working in the education sector for the past 27 years and I enjoy this environment – hence my choice to join Sherpa Kids. Working with children is stimulating and rewarding, especially with those in the primary school environment. During my interactions with the children at the Sherpa Kids Aftercare at Emmarentia Primary, I am continuously surprised by the raw talent and enthusiasm that emanate from them – as they tackle weekly activities. They push the boundaries in everything that they do and come up with such creative outputs. I love working in an area that gives me the freedom to explore my imagination so that the end result is inspiration, shared knowledge and enjoyment.  Education is the key to lifelong experience for knowledge acquisition. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.   What better way to way to update our thinking than from unfettered and ingenious little minds.”

Suraiya Buccas: Sherpa Kids  Franchisee Johannesburg