Sherpa Kids International Inaugural Country Master License Holders Meeting
Bournemouth, UK, January 2015

Genevieve and her Sherpa Kids South Africa TeamGenevieve pictured here with Sherpa Kids South Africa Team.. - left to right - Emma Du Bruyn (Business Development Manager), Mariska Basson (OperationsManager), Genevieve Allen (Managing Director), Sean Coughlan (National Training Manager)

Vicky DawnSherpa Kids Country Masters Conf   
Pictured Left : Dawn and Vicky Sherpa Kids International Country Master License Holders Meeting Jan 2015
Pictured Right : Delegates in attendance Jan 2015. Photos Courtesy : Sherpa Kids International

Genevieve Allen, MD Sherpa Kids South Africa, attended Sherpa Kids International inaugural Country Master License Holders Meeting in Bournemouth, UK, 17 Jan 2015. Genevieve joined Sherpa Kids teams from Ireland, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand master licencees. Genevieve presented an update on her own Sherpa Kids Journey of Discovery in South Africa and made full use of the ideal opportunity to network with Sherpa Kids colleagues and fellows. 

Sherpa Kids South Africa at IFE 2014 Sandton Convention Centre
         SK RSA at Winkler Hotel - ISASA Deputy Principals Conference                                             

Left Pic - Above : Sherpa Kids South Africa at IFE 2014 (International Franchise Expo) at Sandton Convention Centre April 2014 - Pictured from left to right : Dawn Engelbrecht, Genevieve Allen with first Sherpa Kids RSA Franchisee Devi (Mom) and Yashika (daughter) servicing Greater Midrand Gauteng. 

Right Pic - Above : Sherpa Kids South Africa at Winkler Hotel, White River in attendance at ISASA Deputy Principals Conference, Sept 2014. Sherpa Kids South Africa were both an exhibitor and guest presenter at the event. 

First Parents Open Day Pioneer Ormonde   Emmarentia Primary Banner UP

Left Pic - Above : Sherpa Kids South Africa (Genevieve and Emma) attend First Parents Open day (Dec 2014) at new Private School Group opening in Jan 2015 - Pioneer Ormonde

Right Pic - Above : Sherpa Kids South Africa are rocking and rolling - Emmarentia Primary - Franchisee Suraiya Buccas - announced (on 10 Dec 2014) that Sherpa Kids will be running Aftercare with immediate effect i.e. when school opens Jan 2015 : :) Gen spoke to Chairman SGB on his cell (already en-route to Durbs) and met with school principal - all in less than one hour...including an SMS to the entire school parent database.....WOW!!